Leicestershire Search & Rescue (LeicSAR) offer support to the police, fire and ambulance services during extreme weather conditions.

We provide assistance with a wide range of tasks which include assisting community nurses to see their patients, assisting NHS staff getting to and from work enabling hospitals to stay fully staffed, assisting emergency responders to access difficult or inaccessible homes, road closures in dangerous areas and from this year our Community First Responders (CFRs) will be able to respond to emergency calls in difficult areas.

This is a service which grows for us each year, and we always endeavor to improve our response.

Within the coming years we will also plan to offer a water response team to assist with the ever increasing risk of flooding.

We have seen a huge increase in flooding incidents within the county and nationally over the past few years, so LeicSAR will hopefully be adapting our response to better help the communities we serve.