Leicestershire Search & Rescue Community First Responders (CFR's) are members of the community who volunteer to respond to emergency calls through the 999 system in conjunction with the East Midlands Ambulance Service. Community First Responders provide care to patients in the local area of Leicester West and the city before the arrival of an Ambulance or Paramedic.

LeicSAR CFR's are trained to deliver Basic Life Support and defibrillation to patients in Cardiac Arrest. Other calls we would attend are Choking, diabetic emergencys, stroke, fitting, unconsciousness, difficulty in breathing or assisting a HCP.

As we are based within the Leicester community we can attend the scene of an emergency in a very short time, often arriving before the attendance of an Ambulance although an Ambulance is en-route.

The Community First Responders can then begin vital life saving first aid before the Ambulance arrives, further increasing the patient’s chance of survival and immediate care.

Leicestershire Search & Rescue Community First Responders provide where possible 24/7 cover to the local area of Leicester West and Leicester City Centre normally within a radius of 3 miles from our standby point.

We also provide further CFR support to the Ambulance service through our Adverse Weather Support Team. This is where the Ambulance service can ask us to respond to an area in which they might be struggling to get to or where severe weather takes away Ambulance resources. In this instance we will deploy to a standby point as directed and respond in the normal way. We can also provide logistics and transport for Paramedics and other NHS staff.